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CJ Goodman C.J. Goodman (Director/Writer/Producer) C.J. Goodman has followed his instinct with film making since it first struck him at the age of 5. C.J.’s mother showed him a film, and did her best to explain how the film was made. Soon he would be intrigued by the hows, whats, and whys of film making. During his adolescent years, C.J.'s talents were found in special effects and make-up. He begin with what he refers to as Home Remedy SFX. C.J. started out using items around the house through trial and error, making SFX magic. In his early twenties, C.J. found himself going through film, television, mass media broadcasting and theatrical schools and programs.

Mr. Goodman has played almost every role in a film production, from being a Grip to directing to producing. C.J. has also completed several polished scripts. In 2006 C.J. was one of the producers of and acted in the award winning film ‘Fallen Angels’, starring some of Horror and Sci-Fi's famous stars.
Ann Daman Ann Daman (Executive Producer) has always loved creating new worlds and unique characters to inhabit them. She started out trying to break into Hollywood as a Screenwriter. After meeting C.J. Goodman at a TV Production class at Diablo Valley College, she found a likeminded individual who encouraged her to join him in the world of independent filmmaking. She got her first taste of the joys and struggles of the indie film world on the fan based project "Halloween: Return to Haddenfield." She was Executive Producer on THE SOC HOP, a $30,000 independent horror feature scheduled for release in Spring 2012.

Ann has the title of Executive Producer on PARANORMAL PARODY, which on an independent film means she signed the checks and ran to the store for food and last minute items. She was also crew, prop master, door wrangler, etc, etc. Independent film production means long hours and lots of work you do yourself. But now that she's had a taste of it, she wouldn't have it any other way.
Joyce Goodman Joyce Goodman (Executive Producer) Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Joyce Goodman found her passion for cooking leading her to provide exceptional craft service for Independent films.

Through the years, Joyce has grown beyond dishing out meals to other aspects of film production, educating herself and leading by example from film to film.

With her penchant for organization and time management, Joyce is a Producer with strong work ethics and compassion to take on many tasks in independent film making.
Jonathan Winchell Jonathan Winchell (Executive Producer) His love of movies came from watching movies with his dad. After years of watching the History Channel and Discovery Channel, Jon learned of his dad's passion for documentaries. His mother gave him an even greater appreciation for independent movies. When his father passed away in 2007, he wanted to find a way to remember his dad. So he decided to sponsor the Jewish International Film Festival and the California Independent Film Festival in Northern California.

Jonathan looks forward to pursuing all aspects of Independent Filmmaking, keeping the love of film alive that his father gave to him.
Brandon Hunt Brandon Hunt (Editor) is an avid filmmaker with a specialization in post-production. He’s developed trailers for gaming companies and freelances as a graphic designer and After Effects artist. Brandon has co-directed, edited and starred in the fan-favorite film Weird Science Whatever. He holds a B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University, and his award winning short film, The Duty of Living marks his directorial undead debut and is currently making the rounds in the film circuit for 2010.
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